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Damenzo's History

In 1985 Damiano Mannino and his brother-in-law Vincenzo Leone had a dream about opening up a pizza place.  They Combined their savings, dreams, ambitions and hopes, not to mention names, Damiano and Vincenzo, and opened up Damenzo’s.  They started Damenzo’s in a single storefront at 2324 W. Taylor St., just down the street from the home where Damiano grew up.


Today, Damenzo’s has grown in size and recognition.  People come from all over Illinois, Wisconsin and Indiana to try the huge slices of pizza, pizza puffs (calzones) and Italian beef sandwiches that are staple menu items.  Damenzo’s has recently expanded their menu to include a variety of deli menu items, such as panini, focaccia, and ciabatta sandwiches and an assortment of salads and made-to-order fresh pasta dishes.

The family prides themselves in offering the freshest and best tasting foods at a reasonable price.


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